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Monitoring DevOps and the Status Quo

2017-03-09 5 min read technology Ronny Trommer
As most of us noticed a few companies changed our perspective how to develop software and deploy them as a service. There are quite a few changes between selling every year a box with 10 CD’s and develop and deliver your software as a service. This article is a collection of thoughts and ideas I had and wanted to be written. Who cares about a version number? User give a shit about version numbers anymore, all what matters needs to be focused on the user. Continue reading

DevOps Guy

2014-06-17 2 min read technology Ronny Trommer
I started in 1998 in IT-Services and I did all the funny stuff – was involved building new networks for companies, migrated software from commercial vendors from version A to B to C to D and I have wasted too much lifetime on broken RAID 5s, backups and restores. If you want to learn how to operate a computer network – this is a good place. You will be always called for the complicated problems nobody can solve with a simple Google search. Continue reading