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IPv6 prefix delegation with FRITZ!OS 7.50 and Ubiquiti ER-4

2023-02-14 2 min read networking homelab ipv6 Ronny Trommer
I started working remotely in 2010 for OpenNMS as an open-source network monitoring advocate. I have a little home lab with some real hardware that allows me to play on various things without giving me a big surprise bill from a cloud provider at the end of the month. I have a FRITZ!Box 7530 connected to my ISP 1&1. I get native IPv6 and IPv4 connectivity over an IPv4-in-IPv6-Tunnel. As my main router, I have a Ubiquiti ER-4. Continue reading

IPv6 and Monitoring

2016-03-19 3 min read Ronny Trommer
We are all happy when we are able to get IPv6 connectivity for our new servers. In case the network is provided by someone else and some kernel settings you can get in some tricky situations. With IPv6 there are so many addresses your Laptop and Mobile can have a unique public IPv6 address forever - pretty cool huh? The downside is, it would be pretty easy to trace every connection you ever do back to your device - this really not what you want! Continue reading