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IPv6 prefix delegation with FRITZ!OS 7.50 and Ubiquiti ER-4

2023-02-14 2 min read networking homelab ipv6 Ronny Trommer
I started working remotely in 2010 for OpenNMS as an open-source network monitoring advocate. I have a little home lab with some real hardware that allows me to play on various things without giving me a big surprise bill from a cloud provider at the end of the month. I have a FRITZ!Box 7530 connected to my ISP 1&1. I get native IPv6 and IPv4 connectivity over an IPv4-in-IPv6-Tunnel. As my main router, I have a Ubiquiti ER-4. Continue reading

Running a private container registry for testing

When I signed up for my DockerHub account in 2013, I never thought sooner than later everything ends up in a container image as it is today. DockerHub was the first public free as in free beer registry to distribute your container images. Containers are now everywhere, and DockerHub, a corporate entity running and funding DockerHub, introduced usage limits for the free tier and started commercializing its registry service. I need to play with software in a micro-service architecture on a platform like Kubernetes, and these limits can be daunting. Continue reading