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Conferences OUCE 2015 and 31c3

2014-12-27 1 min read OpenNMS Events Ronny Trommer

I spent some time with preparing the OUCE 2015 and we use the free an open source software frab as conference management system. I do most of my server automation with Chef and my playground is running with Vagrant. For this reason I decided to spend some time an built a Vagrant / Chef environment and contributed it back to the frab project. This guys do a really good job and IMHO it is the best free conference management system you can get. If you want to play with it feel free and give it a try and contribute.

The last event of the year is the famous 31c3 in Hamburg. It’s always amazing hanging around on this unconference. We sponsor some bandwidth by mirroring the video streams and we can definitely recognized the beginning of the conference ;)