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OUCE 2014 Review

2014-04-22 2 min read OpenNMS Events Ronny Trommer

We have finished our 6th OpenNMS User Conference Europe. It was the first time we made a conference outside of Germany. We started with the first conference in 2009 when I worked at NETHINKS and begun with OpenNMS professional services. For the 3rd and 4th conference we decided to move the venue closer to the people organizing the conference and the IT center in Fulda was a really good place. In 2013 NETHINKS and the OpenNMS Foundation Europe worked together to move the organization of the conference to the community at the University of Applied Science in Fulda.

In 2014 we had our first conference out of Germany at the University of Southampton – United Kingdom, Great Britain, England, the Empire … whatever. We had attendees from 12 countries. The OpenNMS Group, Inc. showed the latest development sponsored to the project by commercial companies like the new Semantic Topology User Interface and the Operators Panel.

Additionally had a visit from three nice guys from OCS Inventory with an talk about OCS Inventory and practical workshop. The crowd around OpenNMS is really amazing and we finished with an open discussion about the OpenNMS project from a community perspective. We came also around documentation where have really some issues about. So I decided to give a short overview how other projects handle documentation. I’ve spent the last conferences with sitting in “How to contribute” talks from OpenStack and ElasticSearch and they do really a great job when it comes around the community.

Sorry if you missed this great opportunity having the possibility talking with a lot of great people. We got all slides and they are available in our conference system. As soon we received the videos we will upload them to our OpenNMS Youtube Channel.

Thanks to all attendees for the great time