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Zyxel vs. Vodafone Easybox with VDSL 50

2016-07-14 1 min read Tutorial technology Ronny Trommer

I ran in some trouble with my Vodafone Easybox 904 xDSL. Even with 2Ghz and 5Ghz WLAN I had regularly drops. Had to turn on / off the WLAN on the device or had to reboot it to reconnect. Otherwise the VDSL line reguarly got disconnected, also replacing the Easybox from Vodafone didn’t helped, so I bought a Zyxel VMG1312-B30A.

Zyxel with Vodafon VDSL 50

Search through the interwebs and took me a while to figure out what settings are required. In case you want doing the same, I want to share my settings to safe you some time:

Broadband Settings

  • Type: ADSL/VDSL over PTM
  • Mode: Routing
  • Encapsulation: PPPoE
  • IPv6/IPv4 Mode: IPv4 only sigh
  • PPP-User: vodafone-vdsl.komplett/vb<number>
  • PPP-Pass: your-pass-here
  • PPPoE-Service-Name: VODAFONE
  • VLAN: active
  • 802.1p: 1
  • 802.1q: 7 (7: Telekom line, 132 for Vodafone line)
  • MTU: 1492

Extended xDSL Settings

  • ADSL over PTM: deactivated
  • Annex J: activated
  • PhyR US:deactivated
  • PhyR DS: activated

Connection went online and speed test gives me 50 MBit downstream and 10 Mbit upstream. I run a tinc VPN to have a flat management network for all my servers and runs without any trouble so fare. Just to mention, I don’t use the Vodafone voice functionality.

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